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Property insights across 1,500+ venues

Track Venue Occupancy   |   Monitor Co-Tenancy   |   Restructure Leases   |   Optimize Portfolio
Who We Help

Tenants in Malls, Outlets, and Lifestyle Centers

Tenants that need to know their neighbors

In today's rapidly changing climate, it's important to keep track of your neighboring stores. However, tenant rosters are often outdated and inaccurate.

We address this by actively monitoring store openings and closures across 1,500+ properties.

Tenants that want to optimize their portfolio

COVID-19 has caused tenants to evaluate their current and future store fleet on a property-by-property basis. However, the rapidly changing environment muddles the decision-making process.

We actively track the ever-changing retail environment and provide tenants with tools and insights that provide clarity, and help them make data-driven decisions.

Tenants that need to monitor property occupancy

Tracking property occupancy is more important than ever, but acquiring accurate square footage data is difficult.


We solve this problem by providing tenants with the total GLA and square footage of every leasable tenant space within thousands of properties.

Tenants that are on a mission to get the best lease terms

COVID-19 has shifted the retail landscape, providing tenants with the opportunity to be creative when structuring lease agreements.

We provide tenants with property performance data to help them negotiate and obtain the best possible lease terms for their brand.

Who We Help
How We Help

Property Insights

Our property insights platform includes a raw dataset and visualization tool. Together, these elements form an insights platform that helps brand real-estate teams solve some of their most pressing problems.

Data for the number crunchers

Our property insights are conveniently structured into organized data sheets that permit real-estate teams to identify target properties and take immediate action.

  • Total Gross Leasable Area (GLA)

  • Percentage of occupied GLA

  • Occupied status of each tenant space

  • Square footage of each tenant space

  • Last audit date

  • Tenant name and category

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Visualization tools for the creative minds

Our public map collection boasts an impressive accumulation of geo-accurate indoor and outdoor property maps. Giving retailers multiple ways to explore spatial data and gather unique insights.

  • See vacant spaces

  • Surface optimal tenant spaces

  • Search for preferred neighbors

  • Observe tenant space performance

How we do it

Our precise property mapping data is built upon blueprints of each property and includes the total Gross Leasable Area and square footage of every tenant space. Our in-house mapping team continuously tracks these tenant spaces as brands occupy/vacate them.


Through this process, we maintain up-to-date occupancy data for a large fleet of venues, which is used by retailers to track venue occupancy, monitor co-tenancy, restructure leases, and optimize portfolios.

How We Help

Our Story

Point Inside was founded in 2009. We are the industry leader of retail mapping and location based services.

We have over 10 years of experience creating maps of malls, outlets, and lifestyle centers. Our coverage spans over 1,500 properties from coast-to-coast.

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